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Lip Enhancement

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Wonderful staff, wonderful service, have already booked my next treatment. Highly recommend.


Lip Filler & Enhancement

Lip fillers are the perfect way to restore volume and plumpness to lips which may be losing their shape or elasticity. Gentle enhancement may be appropriate and you can rely on our Specialist Doctors, with years of experience.

  • Only ever administered by fully trained aesthetic doctors
  • Effective restoration or gentle enhancement of the lips while still natural looking
  • Lip fillers are the ideal way to enhance or restore fullness and shape to lips.

Dermal lip fillers contain Hyaluronic Acid (a substance that naturally occurs in the body) based filler such as Juvaderm or Restylane. The lip injections show results quickly, within 48 hours, and are an effective solution typically lasting 6-12 months.

Please note, that our doctors do not agree with the over-enhancement of the lips. The use of dermal filler in young patients (e.g. under age 25) is only undertaken in exceptional circumstances here at Freyja Medical.

Our Process & Results

Prior to treatment, you may choose to have anaesthetic cream applied to the area. The fillers themselves also contain an anaesthetic to make things more comfortable.

Too often we see that ‘Duck lip’ look that occurs when too much or the wrong filler type has been used. This is why it is vital to ensure your practitioner has extensive experience and knowledge of facial anatomy and filler use like our doctors do.

Dermal Fillers can be used in many different ways to rejuvenate and refresh the face. See our main dermal filler page for details.

Wonderful staff, wonderful service, have already booked my next treatment. Highly recommend.

Jane Smith

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